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Why are so many people homeless?

Homelessness can happen to anyone. More than likely it will happen to someone you know.

The friendly waitress at your favorite restaurant. Your hair stylist. Maybe even your neighbor down the street. Each person has their own complicated path of tragedy mixed with their best decision-making that didn’t work out. But some of the contributing factors include:

Poverty: In Hamilton, a staggering 20.9% of people live at or below the poverty line.1 That’s 1 in 5 people living a fragile existence, at highest risk of homelessness.

Unemployment and underemployment: We are seeing more single parents who can’t afford childcare without income, yet without childcare, they can’t get a job. Working full-time at minimum wage barely covers the rent on an apartment in Hamilton. At the same time, more people are working part-time, or not at all.

Lack of services: After years of a down economy, social services are overwhelmed with more people in need, even as taxes to fund them wane. Mental health and addiction rehabilitation services are especially difficult to come by, leaving people who want help unable to get it. At Serve City, we almost always have a waiting list for our residential programs that help both mentally ill individuals and those struggling with addiction get stabilized.

Domestic violence: More than half the women who come to Serve City have been a victim of abuse or domestic violence. They need help to break the cycle before they can move on to a productive life.

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You can be part of the change:

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Need Help?

Are you or someone you know in need of help? We offer emergency overnight shelter for adult men and women.